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Meet Ross, the brilliant videographer and musician behind H&H Orlando Tattoo Co.’s tattoo videos. Ross paints a living picture of the work our tattoo artists do with our customers, sharing a visual and audial flavor of the Hart and Huntington experience.

Ross leapt at his passion from the first opportunity by taking a pioneering video production class in middle school and continuing his experience and exposure through high school. He’s now been working in video for over seven years and came to the H&H team nine months ago.

He got started with us by the recommendation of one of our H&H team members, Trevor, and earned his way to the level of esteem we hold for him through his dedicated capture and editing work on our tattoo videos. His documentary style aims to be informative as well as engaging by capturing the details while showing the overall progress.

Ross is also a musician and audio engineer and makes an effort to produce music for the videos, use appropriate tracks created by other musicians he knows, or find open source music that fits the mood and/or theme of the video.

Here are some of our favorite tattoo videos by Ross:

Like our team of Orlando tattoo artists, one medium and one project is rarely enough to satisfy the amount of creative energy found around H&H. Ross is never without some kind of media project - when he’s not at work he’s at home working on videos or doing photo shoots because he truly loves what he does, especially when he can be working outside or polishing off a project in its final stages.

When researching where to get your ink done in Orlando, tattoo videos can help give you a clearer idea of what to expect from prospective artists and with Ross as our videographer, we know you’ll love what you see from Hart and Huntington. Check out our videos, then give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our Orlando tattoo artists.